ADNS : the association of new soap makers

Since 2017, MISCEO has been actively involved in the New Soap Maker Association.

This association brings together professional soap makers and enthusiasts people from all backgrounds who practice the cold saponification method (SAF) and organic cosmetics.

Its goal is to breathe new life into the profession and to pioneers who seek to make sense of their passion.

COSMED, the first network of cosmetic industries in France

Misceo joined the COSMED network in January 2018.

Founded in 2000, COSMED is today the leading network representing SMEs in the cosmetics industry in France.

These are 790 member companies bringing together all the businesses in the sector: mainly own brands, but also suppliers, manufacturers, expertise laboratories, etc.
Composed of 90% of SMEs, COSMED is now considered a key player in the cosmetics industry.

Member and professional partner of the Cosmetic Valley

Membership of the first international network Cosmetic Valley in April 2019.

Coming from a collective of SMEs wishing to promote short-circuit synergies and jointly display the values of the France brand internationally, the Cosmetic Valley association was created in 1994. Labelled as a competitiveness cluster in 2005, it was appointed by the State since 2014 to coordinate the national perfume and cosmetics sector. The cosmetic valley teams are now located in the Centre Val de Loire (Chartres), Normandy (Caen), and Nouvelle Aquitaine (Bordeaux) regions. They work in close collaboration with clusters, associations and professional federations in the sector.

Partenariats avec les universités, écoles et centres de formation

Misceo soutient la formation scolaire et professionnelle : la Saponification à froid.

Intervention at ISIPCA in Versailles on February 25, 2019.

Partnership and sponsorship at the Guingamp U’Cosmetics Competition on March 20 and 21, 2019 and 2020.

Intervention at UFR Montpellier on February 1, 2019.

Intervention at the Lycée La Morlette Cenon on September 19, 2019.