DYNAMIC will be bound to deliver goods which comply with the contract and is liable for any lack of conformity which may exist upon delivery. To be compliant with the contract, the goods must:

• Be fit for the purpose usually expected of similar goods and, if applicable, correspond to the description given by the Company and possess the qualities that the Company has presented to the customer;

• Present the qualities that the customer could legitimately expect in view of the declarations made by the company, notably on the website or in the catalogue;

• Or present the characteristics agreed between the parties;

• Or be fit for any special use sought by the customer, make known to DYNAMIC and accepted by the latter.

The appliances are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect. The warranty covers all parts and labour. The warranty covers the replacement of any defective part.


The product warranty applies at the place of delivery.

Beyond the warranty period, the parts will be charged to the customer.

During the warranty period, the parts are guaranteed (see General Conditions of Sale). The customer must return the parts at his own expense.

In the event of a malfunction, please contact our after-sales service either by email: contact@misceo-cosmetics.com or by telephone on 02 51 63 02 72.

The customer must provide either their invoice number or their customer number. The same procedure must be followed in the event of a breakdown.

A telephone assessment will be carried out: many breakdowns are often the result of incorrect use of the equipment.

The solution by telephone with one of our technicians is often feasible, faster and restores the proper functioning of the appliance.

If there is no misuse: the defective parts will be sent to our address (SAS DYNAMIC - 518 Rue Léo Baekeland - 85290 MORTAGNE SUR SEVRE) for verification and appraisal.

Parts under warranty will be returned at our expense.

Out of warranty, parts will be shipped and invoiced against payment before shipment.


The Warranty shall not apply to:

Incorrect use, installation, or connection that does not comply with the manufacturer's instructions or contrary to the proper functioning of the appliance or other than that intended by the manufacturer.

To worn parts

To non-compliant and unsuitable installation and environment: overvoltage, confinement, power of the electricity meter, etc.

Under no circumstances shall DYNAMIC be directly or indirectly liable for loss of data, loss of operation and use of goods.

Also the immobilisation of equipment and the fees and costs arising from a defect in it.