Thanks to different suggested accessories, the uses of our appliances are numerous and diversified.

Grinding, emulsion, upholding suspended, one appliance is necessary to realise the mixture that you want.

Active filters

Shear rods, mixers, blenders

General function - an essential basic

The ideal accessory for all types of grinding, from liquid to viscous mixtures and dissolving (solid in liquid).

The 4-blade mixer has the specificity of generating more movement in the mixture with its curved blade. It produces quicker results.

However, the tool should be used with care as it can include air in the mixture when placed at the surface. Ideal for foaming and the creation of foam type textures.

Mixer rods are used to make craft soap using cold saponification as well as in other trades.

The stator rotor, homogeniser, disperser

The ideal tool for your emulsions, creams, lotions, balms etc. For perfectly consistent and uniform textures.

It is also the ideal accessory for powder dispersion (clays, natural plants, charcoal), colour pigments (oxides and minerals). Widely used in the make-up, cosmetics, functional food, and other industries.

By reducing particle sizes to a few microns, the rotor stator stabilises your galenic formulations. This accessory works differently from the mixers: The preparation is sucked in from below, crushed by the hammer and then expelled at high speed (max 13,000 rpm) through the bell apertures (air gap). 

The turbo agitator, a 4-blade agitator

The turbo agitator is particularly suitable for delicate, fragile mixtures such as coated particles (sun lotion), scrub formulations, pearl gels etc. The tool’s low speed of between 70 and 300 rpm is its main advantage. The rotor rod can also be used to adjust pH at the end of formulation and to maintain suspension.

For cosmetics professionals, the rotor rod is complementary to the stator rotor - low shear & high shear.

The double whisk

The double whisk is for everyday use when creating light preparations, such as mousses and whipped cream. An essential cosmetofood trend accessory riding the nutricosmetics wave. Mixing, foaming and whipping are the key words for this accessory.

The cutter bowl

Used to grind all kinds of materials such as plants (nettles, dry algae, seeds, crystalline powders, etc.), and more specifically for the micronisation of plants for extraction.

Vacuum accessories

A special 250 range feature is vacuum formulation! 

What is it for? 

Vacuum formulation is used for cold work (saving time as there is no heating), to avoid the action of surfactants (no "foam"), to work with delicate ingredients without altering their properties or colour.

The Misceo 250 FE vacuum system is mainly used by research and development laboratories, research centres and higher education.